eBuilderCMS is a true multilingual CMS where the site owners can control the languages in which their contents are published. eBuilderCMS allows you to create content in the language of your choice. Whether it is English, Arabic, French, or any other language, you are covered.

Today, we live in the digital era, and this makes it even more important that your website is able to entice potential customers to your business in order to increase sales. Increasingly, more and more customers are making use of your website as their first point of contact with your business, making it important that you get this right when it comes to securing a sale as well as building a long-lasting relationship with your customers and developing a high degree of customer loyalty with your brand. Translating your website into multiple languages is an excellent starting point to increase your company’s global presence.

eBuilderCMS is a true multilingual CMS

eBuilderCMS is a true multilingual CMS

With eBuilderCMS, we provide you with the tools to manage multilingual content easily. Your page fields are automatically created for each language you add support to. When you create a page, you can add content for all your supported languages. eEBuilderCMS generates unique URLs for each language so that you can have unique URIs that can be shared with a specific audience. 

With eBuilderCMS now you can increase web traffic, improve your global brand presence and expand your audience reach.

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