For many organizations, the cloud has become an integral part of the way they do business. As a matter of fact, 90% of businesses have already made the move to the cloud; it is not a question of whether or not each organization will make the switch. It is now becoming increasingly common for organizations, even startups, to develop web applications in a cloud environment rather than just using traditional single-server infrastructures, which they have been using for years.

With eBuilderCMS, we help you lead innovation in your organization. eBuilderCMS is a cloud-native CMS allowing you to work directly on the cloud. We offer support for Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform. Here are some of the features that eBuilderCMS has to offer. 

  • Cloud-based virtual machines can be used to deploy websites in the cloud.
  • When it comes to database deployments, EBuilderCMS supports both AWS RDS and Azure SQL.
  • The AWS S3 storage service is natively supported by our platform for storing media and other files.
  • The S3 support allows you to save your media files on an object storage system, which can dramatically reduce your storage costs as well.
  • eBuilderCMS supports deploying to Containers, whether it is Docker or Kubernetes.
  • We support resilient deployment options with distributed deployments.

We are not stopping here! With the rapid evolution of Cloud technologies, we are constantly innovating. We implemented CI/CD and released more versions than ever before to take advantage of the modern cloud features.

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