eBuilderCMS boasts robust Cloud Storage support, empowering you to securely and cost-effectively store media files in the cloud. This feature enhances the overall eBuilderCMS experience by providing unparalleled flexibility, scalability, and efficiency in managing digital assets. Seamlessly integrating with Amazon S3 or Azure Blob Storage, eBuilderCMS offers native support for storing your website media files.

With a commitment to versatility, eBuilderCMS revolutionizes media storage options, offering a comprehensive spectrum to cater to diverse user needs.

Traditional Disk Storage:
eBuilderCMS respects the roots of familiarity and reliability. Whether your preference lies in locally attached storage or network shares, eBuilderCMS seamlessly supports traditional disk storage. This ensures a smooth transition for users accustomed to time-tested storage methods.

Amazon S3 Integration:
Step into the future with confidence by leveraging the power of eBuilderCMS's native integration with Amazon S3. This feature is designed for those who seek the scalability, redundancy, and cost-effectiveness that cloud storage brings. eBuilderCMS transforms your digital asset management experience, making Amazon S3 integration effortless and efficient.

Azure Blob Storage Integration:
As technology progresses, so does eBuilderCMS. The inclusion of Azure Blob Storage integration expands the horizon of choices for users. Microsoft's Azure Blob Storage, known for its security and scalability, seamlessly integrates with eBuilderCMS, offering an additional layer of flexibility for media storage.

At eBuilderCMS, we take pride in offering an unmatched variety of media storage options. No other CMS vendor provides the breadth of choices that eBuilderCMS offers. Whether you prioritize the steadfast reliability of traditional disk storage, the boundless scalability of Amazon S3, or the security features of Azure Blob Storage, eBuilderCMS empowers you with a diverse toolkit.

This table provides a snapshot of the advantages of object storage (e.g., Amazon S3, Azure Blob Storage) over traditional disk storage.

Disk Storage
Object Storage (Amazon S3 / Azure Blob)
Limited scalability, vertical growth
Horizontally scalable, handles massive data growth
Cost Efficiency
Higher costs for extensive storage
Cost-effective for large-scale data storage
Redundancy and Reliability
Relies on RAID configurations
Built-in redundancy, high data durability
Access Speed
May face performance issues
Optimized for read-heavy workloads
Backup and Restore
Backup processes can be time-consuming and costly
Efficient backup and restore operations
Pay Per Use
In traditional disk storage like EBS, you need to pay for the provisioned Disk storage.
No provisioning is required. You just pay for the amount of data stored in object storage.


For example, Amazon EBS costs you $0.010 per GB of data whereas Amazon S3 costs you just $0.023 per GB of data stored. When the media is stored on Disk, you need to provision a higher disk volume that will impact your monthly budget in snapshots/backups. 


In a landscape crowded with content management systems, eBuilderCMS distinguishes itself by not just adapting to change but driving innovation. Your media storage needs are unique, and eBuilderCMS is uniquely equipped to meet them. Step into a new era of digital asset management with eBuilderCMS, where choices are abundant, and possibilities are boundless.

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