ASP.NET 8, the latest iteration of the modern and unified web framework, enables the creation of various application types using a single framework. Whether developing web applications, gRPC services, or Web APIs, ASP.NET 8 streamlines your development process.

Millions of developers have embraced ASP.NET technologies for their projects. With ASP.NET 8, the tradition continues, offering a highly efficient, modular HTTP request pipeline for enhanced performance. This lightweight framework ensures developers have the tools for building applications swiftly and effectively.

ASP.NET 8 embraces the latest web standards, including HTTP/3 for quicker, more efficient connections and WebSocket over HTTP/2, enhancing real-time communication. This ensures ASP.NET 8 applications are fast and modern.

eBuilderCMS is proudly built with ASP.Net and C#, a language that has not only grown in popularity among developers for its broad capabilities but also earned the Programming Language of the Year Award for 2023 from TIOBE(Refer: This recognition highlights our commitment to using cutting-edge technology to deliver exceptional software solutions.

ASP.NET Core's modular design and performance enhancements ensure eBuilderCMS delivers top-tier efficiency. It's engineered to handle requests more effectively than other platforms, showcasing its capability for high-speed web application performance. ASP.Net 8 delivers industry-leading performance. The modular nature of ASP.Net 8 and other performance improvements delivered ultra-fast performance counters for ASP.Net applications. ASP.Net 8 applications are capable of serving more requests than any other platform.


In today's digital landscape, where applications are expected to quickly adapt to business demands, the need for speed and responsiveness is paramount. APIs and Microservices have become the cornerstone of modern application development, highlighting the necessity for frameworks to maximize API performance. ASP.NET 8, with its advanced modular architecture, excels in this regard, outperforming competing frameworks by a significant margin and setting a new benchmark for efficiency.

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