For years, from its inception, eBuilderCMS only supported Windows and Internet Information Services(IIS) for hosting our applications. With eBuilderCMS, our mission is to enable every organization to manage their publishing content effortlessly. Indeed, we listened to our customers, well-wishers, data centre experts and hosting service providers. Yes, we understand the need for change.

With the launch of eBuilderCMS Version 3, we are loving Linux. With the increasing cloud adaption in global business trends, Linux has become a vital part of today's business technology. Our engineering team understands this well and asked ourselves why we can't love Linux. We couldn't find any reason not to love Linux, and the result is the new version of eBuilderCMS. Yes, Linux is a first-class citizen in our hosting options.

We love not only Linux; we love Docker Containers and Kubernetes. With this, our customers have great deployment options to choose from when hosting their applications developed using eBuilderCMS Version 3. Whether you are hosting it on-premises or in a public cloud like Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services (AWS), eBuilderCMS offers heterogeneous support for both Linux and Windows deployments.

We deployed this website in the Linux environment with our Trust and Belief in the new version of eBuilderCMS. Yes, you are reading this content that is served by Ubuntu 20.4., Yes, we are proud of it and setting an example of utilizing public cloud and open source technology stack to empower your applications.

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