Introducing eBuilderCMS Version 3.1.90: A Leap in Security and Performance
Sreeju Nair , Principal Product Manager for eBuilderCMS


In the ever-evolving landscape of content management systems (CMS), staying ahead is crucial. eBuilderCMS continues to do just that with its latest release, Version 3.1.90. This update not only addresses security concerns but also revamps performance and resolves pesky bugs. In this blog post, we'll delve into the key improvements and features that make eBuilderCMS 3.1.90 a must-have for web developers and content managers.

Security Improvements

  1. Connection String Encryption
    One of the standout security enhancements in this release is the ability to encrypt the connection string stored in the appsettings.json file. Previously, developers had to resort to intricate methods, but now, eBuilderCMS provides straightforward tools for encrypting the connection string, ensuring your sensitive data remains secure. We shipped the tools for our customers to encrypt the connecctionstring easily. You may find the tool here. eBuilderCMS Connection String Encrypter

  2. Connect AWS with Server Role
    For those utilizing AWS S3 to store media files, eBuilderCMS 3.1.90 brings the convenience of connecting without the need for access keys and secrets. By using Server Role, you can seamlessly integrate with AWS S3, enhancing both security and simplicity.

  3. Enhanced Cookie Security
    eBuilderCMS now safeguards against cookie replay attacks. When a user logs out, the cookie is promptly removed from the server, preventing unauthorized logins via the same cookie.

  4.  Integrated ASP.Net Logging
    Previously, eBuilderCMS depended on operating system logs for framework-related errors. With this release, a new setting enables ASP.Net logs to be included in the eBuilder Logs. This comprehensive logging approach covers both error and critical entries, streamlining troubleshooting and monitoring.

Performance Enhancements

  1. Optimized Routing Algorithm
    eBuilderCMS has overhauled its routing algorithm, resulting in a remarkable 70% reduction in database query execution for moderate websites. This optimization enhances overall website responsiveness.

  2. Distributed Caching for Configuration and Custom Settings
    To further reduce database queries, eBuilderCMS introduces distributed caching for Configuration and Custom Settings. This enhancement is estimated to reduce 5% of total database queries, significantly boosting website rendering speed.

  3. Output Cache for Improved Scalability
    A new feature, the Output Cache, temporarily stores generated output in the InMemory Cache. This smart caching strategy alleviates the database load even during traffic spikes, allowing for more concurrent requests and improved website performance.

  4. Efficient Record ID Retrieval
    Developers will appreciate the ability to retrieve the highest row ID from a table. This feature empowers them to calculate the next record ID without the need to retrieve all records from the table, streamlining database interactions.

Bug Fixes

eBuilderCMS 3.1.90 addresses several bugs that have been reported:

  1. Admin Portal Category and Article Ordering
    A bug that prevented the ordering of categories and articles within the admin portal has been fixed, enhancing content management efficiency.

  2. Table Data Export
    Previously, a bug hindered data export from defined tables. This release resolves the issue, making it easy to export table data to Excel for analysis and reporting.

  3. AWS Settings Key for Media Storage
    An issue with the AWS settings key for media storage has been rectified, ensuring seamless integration with AWS S3.


eBuilderCMS Version 3.1.90 is a testament to the team's commitment to delivering a secure, high-performing, and user-friendly content management system. With enhanced security features, performance optimizations, and bug fixes, this release is a must-have for web developers and content managers looking to stay at the forefront of web development. Upgrade to eBuilderCMS 3.1.90 today and experience the future of content management.

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